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the tail wag

fifteen Minutes of tail wagging fun

$14/walk | *PFP rate: $19

The Tail Wag is a fifteen minute service where your pup can get out for some fresh air, a potty break and all the belly rubs she wants! Your walker can also feed and water your pup during this time if need be!


the big lick

Thirty Minutes of Slobbery fun

$20/walk | *PFP rate: $25

The Big Lick is our 30 minute walk. This is a great way for your pooch to get in some moderate exercise and mental stimulation. Your walker can also feed and water your pup if need be!


the long ruff & tumble

A full hour of rufftastic bliss

$30/walk | *PFP rate: $35

The Long Ruff & Tumble offers a full hour of exercise, attention and anything else your pooch might require. This is great for high energy pooches who need a little extra oomph to their every day walk! Your walker can, of course, also feed and water your pup if need be!


*PFP denotes a walk within the Paw-for-Paw Program


frequently asked questions

Will I have the same walker?

Yes. We think it’s very important that you and your dog get comfortable with a familiar face in your home. While there may be instances when your walker may need to be subbed out or replaced, it’s our goal to create a routine that makes your pup comfortable. That includes a regular walker providing your services.

Do i get to meet my walker?

Yes. We are happy to arrange a meet & greet between you and your walker. This way you can know who will be working with your pet and, if need be, walk through your pet’s routine.

How do I know if you service my neighborhood?

We are a growing company. We hope to service every part of Atlanta but as our pack expands, it’s best to contact us for more information on the subject.

How do I get started? What do I need to provide?

Feel free to contact us to schedule a free consultation. A PawItForward team member would be happy to come to your home, meet your pooch and review all your pet’s needs. With our easy to use mobile app, we can get you setup then and there! You may need your pet’s vet records and have an idea of any medical/behavioral needs your pet may have. It’s best to have your pet’s leash and collar/harness easily accessible for your walker once your visits are scheduled and ready to go. We always recommend to have a towel ready for rainy days to protect your home!

Do You provide group walks?

We do! Group walks are based off of the needs of your neighborhood. If there are a few doody gooders in your area, we’d be happy to create some group walks for your pets to socialize and stimulate their natural pack mentality. Your pet will need a consultation to ensure they are ready and able for a group walk.

Do I need to make a key? how do I know my key is safe?

There are a number of ways we can arrange for your walker to have access to your pup. We offer lock boxes with a personalized code that will only be shared with your specific walker and the PawItForward administrators (for emergencies). Your key will accounted for with a GPS tracker to keep an extra eye on it. We also can work out other ways to make the process easy, seamless and secure. This can be discussed at your initial consultation.

Do you have breed restrictions?

We absolutely do not. PawItForward is a strong believer that all pets deserve love, attention and exercise to live a happy and healthy life. We also believe that aggression is not breed specific and never abide by any such discrimination.

Will you feed my dog?

Yes. If your dog or pet needs any special feeding or medication etc to be administered, we can include all this information in your pet’s profile. Your service can be personalized to fit your pet’s needs. We know every pet is different and we are happy to provide a unique experience to fit what you’re looking for.