doody gooder


\ düd-dē + gu̇d-ər \

1: a pet mom or dad who loves their pet and donates a percentage of the proceeds from their pet's walk to help a homeless pet in need

2: a PawItForward client; a pet mom or dad who is slightly cooler than other pet moms or dads



Our mission at PawItForward is to provide exceptional service to our clients while also helping support local shelters in finding homeless pets their forever homes. We believe that like people, all animals deserve love, respect and a place to call home. It’s our mission to help local shelters and rescues through funding and volunteer services to help pets find their own loving forever homes. Our clients can trust that their pets will receive the best attention and care with each visit they book with us.



Our goal is to provide the best service to our clients. We are continually working to think outside the box to create trustworthy relationship with our clients. We do our very best to provide a uniquely personal experience for your pet making sure their needs are met and our clients are satisfied. We also hope that through our service to the Atlanta community, we can help pets in shelters find homes as loving as that of our clients.

how it works

You can help a pet in need while helping your own pet. Each walk or service you schedule with PawItForward donates a percentage to one of the shelters or rescues that works with us. You can choose which shelter your donation goes to or you can choose a specific to pet you’d like to sponsor with your donation. PawItForward also offers a Paw-for-Paw program that provides weekend walks to dogs in local shelters to aid in socialization and in hopes of getting them in contact with a future adopter.

01. The General

Any service you book with PawItForward donates a percentage to a local shelter. See our partners here.

02. Sponsor me program

If you’d prefer to help a specific pet in foster care in need of food, vet care and other tail wagging necessities, you can opt to have the donation from your PawItForward service sponsor a specific pet in need of care. Learn more about our Sponsor Me program by clicking here.

03. Paw-for-paw program

Every Saturday, PawItForward walkers offer short walks for dogs in local shelters. This aids the dog in socialization that they may not always get enough of in shelters. It also gives people in the community a chance to meet pups in need of a home. Learn more about our Paw-For-Paw program by clicking here.

04. Events

PawItForward will soon be sponsoring events that help people meet shelter pets who need homes. You can find out more about upcoming events near you by clicking here.


more dogs getting adopted means more friends for your dog at the dog park.

We don’t have a statistic to back that up but it makes logical sense so we’re gonna roll with it


about us

PawItForward was started by animal lovers who just want to make a difference for the better. Michelle Perry, the company’s founder, worked as a dog walker in Atlanta for two years before deciding to venture out on her own to start a dog walking company that was in line with her ideals. The proud parent of two rescue pups of her own, Michelle wants to help other families experience the joy of rescuing their own new furry family member. The hardest thing to do is enter a shelter full of pets in need and leave with only ONE new pet. Unfortunately we can’t walk in and adopt all the animals, but we sure as hell can do all we can to help those pets find their own families. PawItForward was founded so that other pets can have a fighting chance at finding loving homes and not have to spend their lives without a family.


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