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who we are

PawItForward is a dog walking and pet services company that provides exceptional service to the Atlanta area and donates a portion of the proceeds to benefit local shelters on behalf of homeless pets in need. With each service your pet books with us, we donate a portion of the proceeds to a local shelter or sponsor a homeless pet in need. Our clients have big hearts and care not only for their own bundle of furry joy but also help to fund the lives of other pets looking for their own family to love.

what we offer

Imagine this…

You just rescued your pet from a shelter. Congratulations! You did it. You are a 15% better person than Jan in accounting. Even your parents are flirting with the idea of being proud of you. Your new pet is elated to have a new family — welcome to the honeymoon phase of pet ownership! The two of you are inseparable. You’ve played fetch and cuddled and chased lasers and felt mice all over the house. Your social media feed is saturated with wet noses and whisker ticks. Your new family member is dozing off to sleep, happy they’ve found a new home! The alarm goes off for work and you shoot out of bed to start the work week…

…now what?

Rest assured, that’s where we come in! PawItForward is a full service dog walking and cat sitting company that is ready to be there for your pet when you can’t! At PawItForward, we understand that caring for your pet is a full time job and we are here to help. We offer services of all shapes and sizes perfectly designed for your pet’s needs! By trusting a PawItForward team member with your pet, that honeymoon phase with your pet never has to end!

why dog walking?

We like to move it, move it…

Here’s why getting a dog walker is such a great idea — EXERCISE! The average household dog doesn’t get the exercise he or she needs to stay happy and healthy. Unfortunately, this is where behavioral issues tend to come into play. If you find your dog barks excessively, gets WAY too excited when a new person comes into the home, is gaining excessive weight, chewing on your expensive shoes a lot of this can be combatted with a dog walker. The daily routine, exercise and stimulation of a regular walk with PawItForward can help ease your dog’s mind and let him or her focus on what they do best — be your best friend.

what to expect

Familiar faces

Inviting someone into your home requires a huge amount of trust. We also fully understand that your pet is your baby. It’s important that you know who is entering your home and who is spending time with your little rascal. With PawItForward, you don’t have to worry about a different person taking your pet out every day. We offer personalized service by assigning you a walker, so your pup gets used to the routine of having the same familiar face greet him or her at walk time. We also offer free consultations and meet & greets so you know who your walker is!


Our dog walkers will be there. We know that when it comes to your dog’s potty breaks, the weather is not a factor. With PawItForward, it may be raining cats and dogs but we’ll still be there… for your cats and dogs.

crystal clear communication + Accountability

We get it. Life gets busy. You don’t have time to spend worrying if your dog walker showed up to walk your pet. At PawItForward, we offer an easy to use mobile app that notifies you when your service starts and stops, provides photos of your pet on their walk and allows you to speak directly with your walker with ease! You’ll know how each visit went before you even get home from work!

GPS Tracking

With PawItForward, you’ll always know your pet’s location. We offer GPS tracking from the moment your PawItForward walker checks in, so you can rest assured that your pup is in a safe place and getting the care and attention he or she deserves.

Easy in-app Pay

Let’s face it, there’s a million ways to pay these days. We take the confusion out of how to pay your bill by accepting our payments easily through the same app you track your pup’s walks! No more fumbling over invoices or getting anxious over forgetting to pay your bill. You can easily pay and tip your walker for a job well done through our partner’s app and dashboard!


it’s hard work being the perfect dog. consider us your pet’s personal assistant.


what we do

At PawItForward we believe all pets deserve a chance to be pampered and loved. The hard truth is, not every pet born into this world is lucky enough to have a super pet parent like you. PawItForward is working to end that. With every walk or visit you book with PawItForward, we donate a percentage of the proceeds to a local shelter or sponsor a homeless pet in need. By working with us, you can be certain your pet will not only receive exceptional care, you’ll also be helping homeless pets in need of a loving home.


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